Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Excuses to Buy Fabric

When shopping for fabric, if a fabric that catches your eye, or just looks interesting, buy some!
If you don't buy it now, it won't be there when you come back. That's my motto. You just never know when it might come in handy for fussycuts ...

Sometimes it can be as subtle as a tiny green worm hiding among the green leaves and vines. I love to put surprises in my quilts.
But really now, do we EVER need EXCUSES to buy fabric!?!


  1. What a great use for the unusual green fabric! I agree, buy it when you see it.

  2. My boxes of fabric I use for applique look like moths have gotten to it...like your green fabric there are strange shapes cut out! No excuse needed here to buy fabric!

  3. Beautiful applique and a good tip! thanks

  4. Good tip! Will keep that motto whenever I go near a fabric shop.

  5. Fabulous tip! PLEASE what is the bluebird pattern.? Nancy

    1. Nancy, the Morning Glory block is an older pattern 1980. I designed the bluebirds and border - I have extra pattern sets for a class that never ran. If interested, use the contact form on on my website www.barbaramburnham.com and we will work something out.

  6. ok, now I need to find this worm fabric :)
    OMG how fun is that
    I too love when I add the unexpected to my quilts, or something that draws the person in to look more
    love this!

  7. Wonderful work you do here. Just awesome. Greetings from Finland.


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