Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Quilter's Overnight at Golden Eagle Inn, Bedford PA

My friend, Mary Koval, has a lovely quilt shop in Bedford, Pennsylvania. I have wanted to visit for a long time. Recently, Mary offered several workshops with Bonnie Hunter, so we signed up right away and planned our trip to Bedford.

Mary's Retreat Center (above Mary's Quilt Shop) was fully booked, so Mary recommended we stay at the Golden Eagle Inn overnight, just a block away. Thank you, Mary! It was wonderful! We thoroughly enjoyed the Inn, the shopping, and Bonnie's Smith Mountain Morning workshop!

 The historic Golden Eagle Inn, one of the oldest buildings in downtown Bedford, was built in 1794 and completely renovated in the early 1990s. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, and elegant floral wallpaper made me think I had stepped back in time as we walked up the plush carpeted grand staircase.  

 The innkeepers made us feel right at home. The rooms are spacious and bright, decorated and furnished with antiques, vintage curtains, linens and quilts.

 The key to my room was attached to the handle of an antique spoon.

 A full-length mirror, fresh flowers, and some modern conveniences (a television is hidden inside the furniture).

 Someone had lots of fun decorating,

 choosing antiques,
 and repurposing items from days gone by.

 This antique wooden box at one time contained "5 SETS NEVERSLIP SHOES." When commerce and travel depended upon horses, these horseshoes provided steel-centered calks of various sizes and shapes. The calks could be adjusted with a screwdriver to the changing conditions of travel -- cobblestones, pavement, snow and ice, or pulling heavy loads. They saved a horse from sprains and bruises which would constantly result from insecure footing, and saved an owner the trouble and expense of replacing the shoe as often.
 Passageways between rooms offer little surprises and revive memories from the past.

 Sitting rooms for visiting, reading, surfing, or sharing a cup of tea with a friend.

 Vintage linens everywhere!

 There are two elegant dining rooms -- not just a Bed and Breakfast, the Inn has a full restaurant for lunch and dinner as well. Be sure to make a reservation, because the food is delicious!
 Best table in the house, with a view of the garden.

 Begin the day with fresh fruit.

  And start your day right with a hearty breakfast.There were lots of fresh raspberries in between those pancakes! Yum!
I am looking forward to our next visit to Bedford, and the Golden Eagle Inn. Now I am off to finish that quilt I started in Bonnie's workshop.

Keep Stitching!
Barbara M. Burnham

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