Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Never Enough Time to Sew?

I love this time-saving tip from Pat Sloan that I heard on her podcast.

Sew at least 10 minutes a day is her mantra. Her tip is: Always have something out. Have it ready to pick up, and a place for it, so that you don’t have to go and hunt, and clear space, and dig through stuff just to sew ... so you have a way to get to it quickly ... something small, portable. Whether you like to piece or hand applique, or embroider, or finish a binding or a sleeve, a label, etc....

It’s good advice! So I always have a bit of hand piecing, applique, or quilting near the phone or the TV, ready to pick up to sew a few stitches. You will be surprised how much you can accomplish.

My only problem is I can’t stop after 10 minutes!

Keep Stitching!
Barbara M. Burnham
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  1. I agree. The same holds true for machine sewing.

  2. This is such a great idea! I just cannot find the time to get to my sewing room anymore and I'm going to try this. Makes ALOT of sense. Thank you!!!!

  3. I either cannot stop and neglect other things that need doing or I fall asleep within minutes of starting to hand sew. Still, I keep trying.

  4. I do this and you're right - sometimes it's hard to stop. My downfall is the time it takes to prep. I need a space where I could leave it with all the accoutrements needed.

  5. Great advice and I have a hard time stopping also. I am determined to keep stitching string blocks until I empty two bins of strings. The thought of those boxes being empty keeps me going!

  6. I do this as well I keep it beside me in the living room my husband tends to watch lots of sports and I don't want to go to a different room to sew. So I keep my hand applique close by and three hours actually go by very quickly.

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