Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lancaster City's Central Market

Looking down from the 17th floor of the Lancaster Marriott, here is Penn Square. The Visitors Center is on the left, and Central Market is right behind it.
The tall building is a bank (I think).
The mounted police are headed over there for lunch. Hope they have some oats for the horses!

Whenever you are in Lancaster, visit Central Market (open Tuesday & Friday 6AM-4PM, Saturday 6AM-2PM). It is a feast for the eyes and the appetite. These photos were taken at Central Market in 2010 during the AQS Lancaster Quilt Show. The vendors and products may change, but these photos speak for themselves! For that week, many of the vendors displayed their quilts for us too!

Hope to see you at Lancaster Central Market!


  1. Wish I could be there too!
    I enjoy every visit there - maybe again this fall...

  2. i'm going to lancaster on retreat in oct; thanks for helping me with my itinerary....LOL


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