Monday, May 19, 2014

More Options for Baltimore Garden Quilts - Different Colors, Different Layouts

Nobody says you have to do an antique reproduction exactly like the original!

Playing on the computer, I made a "negative" image of my reproduction Baltimore Garden. Maybe this will be my next quilt? Blue is my favorite color....
... and maybe sew the blocks together a different layout instead of the original arrangement. In the picture below, all the blocks are the same, but rearranged around the center; just a little more balanced. Try this technique for planning your quilt layout -- print a color photo, cut up the blocks, rearrange, and paste the blocks down within the border -- a paper design wall!
So many options. What's next?


  1. I have always thought an applique quilt on a dark background is so dramatic.

  2. We have a William Morris quilt in our LQS that was done on a black background and it's absolutely gorgeous it really makes the blocks pop out. I'd love to do the Baltimore Gardens on a black background, hoping to start it this fall


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