Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Applique Folder

Here's a great idea for storing and travelling with your applique. You will need:
  • leftover cotton batting, or felt
  • a gluestick,
  • rotary cutter, and
  • a file folder.
Cut the batting straight on one edge with a rotary cutter, to place at the center of the folder. If you have leftover strips of batting, cut into sections enough to cover one entire side of the inside of the folder. I enjoy using the pinking cutter - it seems to make the sections fit together nicely with those pinked edges. 

Rub gluestick inside the folder, carefully lay the batting on the glue, close the folder and press flat. Let it dry, and trim off excess from the top and bottom.

Now you have a handy place to store and carry your applique pieces until needed. They stay flat, clean, and easy to find. The batting holds them in place! 

Make a folder for each project!


  1. Good idea. A way to keep from losing the little pieces.

  2. Great for hand piecing pieces too! Keeps them all in order.

  3. Thank YOU! There are clear pouches available, too, that go in ring binders.

  4. I LOVE this handy idea! Will definately give it a try - Thank you for sharing!

  5. Great idea -- thank you so much -- I often worry about my cut pieces starting to fray -- this will keep them safe and sound.


  6. Hello, I just found your blog today through a link from another one. I became a Follower. I don't do Baltimore album quilts but I love applique. A year ago the local guild sponsored a two day workshop with Elly S and that was very educational.

  7. What a great idea! I will definitely try this.


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