Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fabrics on the Antique Baltimore Garden Quilt

My friend Ady is planning her own Baltimore Garden Quilt. She plans to use her backbasting method, and she is not sure she has enough of the same green fabric that is "perfect for it." Not to worry! My fabric measurements in the book were generous. "Better to have too much than too little," I always say.

However, regarding "perfect for it" -- remember that in the 1840s, quilters "made do."  The quilter (or quilters) who made this antique quilt used several fabrics! You might not notice because they are the same color, but there are different prints. The variety of dyes and dying techniques were much more limited than today. In the book, Baltimore Garden Quilt, compare the green fabrics on pages 6 and 77 and the yellows on page 3 and 77. 

Today I had some time to play, and photographed some closeups for you all. Keep in mind this quilt is 164 years old. The greens have held their color well; the yellows, not so much, and the Turkey reds are disintegrating, some gone to almost pink.   I think it makes any quilt, old or new, much more interesting to vary the fabrics! Don't you?

Thanks Ady, for a great question!



The last photo shows what happens every time I bring the old girl out to play. :-(

We have to remember, she is 164 years old, and very fragile.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing the close ups of this amazing quilt.

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    1. I should have previewed my comment!! It is very interesting to see the greens are the same shades, but different patterns. Always like to see how people get around running out of fabric--and you can substitute--I did not even notice this, until you pointed it out!! Thanks for the glorious close-up pictures of the different blocks--with the fine quilting.

  3. Thank you for the comprehesive answer and the lovely close-up pictures. The quilting is amazing too. Ady


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