Thursday, April 5, 2012

DAR Museum Quilts & Folk Arts Exhibit

My friend Deb Cooney sent me this info. to share with you all about the current exhibit at the DAR Museum in Washington DC.  Thanks Deb!

Be sure to plan a visit to the Washington, DC, area this summer (2012). Take this rare opportunity to see eight of its best album quilts, which are on exhibit through September 1, 2012. In addition, two of the museum's most quirky and appealing quilts are part of the current exhibition "By, For, and Of the People:  Folk Art and Americana."

The DAR Museum will be closed June 24-30 for a conference and July 4; otherwise it is open daily except Sunday and the gallery is free of charge.  Here is the DAR Museum news for this exhibit:

If you visit you will see:

The DAR's wonderful Baltimore Album Quilt Top, (often known as the "Mary Simon Quilt Top") which appears to be samples of various blocks for sale by their designer.  This top, dated 1846, is among the most elaborate and complex examples of Baltimore's masterpiece albums. The pattern is still available.

The Jackson Baltimore Album Quilt of around 1850 honors Andrew Jackson's victory at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815 with heavily stuffed floral tributes.

The Sheetz Family Rose Wreath Quilt was made around 1860 by a member of the same family of the Jackson album.

Mary Mannakee's 1851 Presentation Album Quilt, reproduced by numerous quilt guilds, is a combination of feathery & massed floral forms. The pattern is still available.

This  combination of spiky arms & bursting wreaths in The Waring Quilt was made in 1851 for Thomas H. Arnold, for whom Arnold, Maryland, was named.

Cornelia Everhart Wissler did this charming interpretation of Mary Simon designs in 1857, shortly before her marriage, called the "Wissler Family Quilt."

The Penn Family Album Quilt sports a bevy of ruched flowers in its vases and wreaths and a quirky backwards quilted inscription.

A signature album, called "Friendship Quilt, Apple Pie Ridge Star" from around 1846 is one of earliest known quilts made with the "Apple Pie Ridge Star" design.

Laura Whicher Adye's "Rooster" Quilt, made c. 1865-1875 in Ohio, displays bright and lively barnyard fowl.

"The Blackbirds Quilt" or "Birds of a Feather" made by Blanche R. Parker around 1940 in Tennessee, uses just a few pieces of cloth to make flight look easy.

Many more folk art objects are in this exhibit, the DAR Museum’s first-ever exhibition devoted entirely to folk art.


  1. Thank you for the heads up on what looks to be a wonderful summer exhibit!

  2. Definitely going to make my way up there this summer!

  3. Wow - may have to try a trip out East! Thanks for the heads up.

  4. I heard this earlier today and its on my list I think we will be coming down early May!
    I have dreamt about seeing the mary mannakee quilt in person!

  5. Thank you for all those links to those wonderful quilts!

    Wish I lived closer....

    1. Have to thank my friend Deb Cooney - she sent me all the info to post. It is nice to have all those links for anyone who is not able to make the trip to see the quilts in person.

    2. Thank you Deb and Barbara.


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