Monday, April 30, 2012

The Red and Green Poos Collection - Book Review

My friends and I all LOVE antique quilts, and I especially enjoy the 18th century red and green applique. Miss Polly brought an extra copy for me from her trip to Houston (probably so I would not drool on her copy). Thank you Miss Polly, my friend!

And now this book is available on amazon for sale. So I thought I would share the news with all my friends. Here are a few sneak peeks, and a quick synopsis of the book below.

Gathered for a European exhibit in 2008 from a private collection, thirty-one antique red and green appliqué quilts are shown in glorious color with full page photos. The quilts in this exhibit were made in the United States in the mid-1800s or earlier, and chosen for their beauty of design, color, and quality of workmanship. The skill and incredible time commitment required to stitch these quilts indicate that they were made to be loved by future generations, not for everyday use.
Some are classic, and some are unique. Some are quirky – who would expect to find a goldfish bowl, complete with fish, on a Baltimore Album quilt? Some have obvious “mistakes.” All of them are fabulous!
The collector writes about the regional differences of styles and designs, and technical background of the fabrics and techniques used on these quilts. Text and descriptions of each quilt are written in French and repeated in English. The author, Kay Triplett, also offers -- from her own wonderful quilt collection --  photos and instructions for five appliqué quilts and a separate pattern foldout.
Now stop drooling on my blog -- go buy it and Enjoy!


  1. Ok, this was the final nudge I needed. Just purchased it!

  2. You will enjoy it Jan! ... no drooling.

  3. this is one of my all time favorite books! I hear she is writing another one :)
    hopefully a sequel! what an amazing quilt collection, don't you agree!

    1. Now, there's something to look forward to!

  4. Barbara,
    Do you know if there will be patterns to follow?

    1. Margaret, There are patterns for 5 of the quilts in a foldout in the back of the book.

  5. I got it from Quiltmania a while back and you're right - it's a wonderful book and a must have for applique lovers. Ady


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