Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Applique Stems and Vines - So Many Methods!

A valuable resource for your applique library, or gift for your applique friends.

This 22-page handbook explains 18 DIFFERENT METHODS to make applique stems and vines, basket weavers, and more. Try different methods for curved or straight stems, by hand or by machine, with or without special tools. Learn which methods work best for each situation, and when to use bias or straight grain fabric.

Photos and graphics show examples to ensure your applique success. Helpful tips and tricks are scattered throughout.
For example:  Here is an easy way to determine how long to make stems for your project:

"Measure the length of stem with a flexible measuring tape. Stand the tape on its edge against the pattern. Add 1/2 inch for overlap at each end." For lots of stems, keep holding the tape at that measurement, and continue along the tape to measure the next stem. As you measure, checkmark each stem on your pattern or write the length needed.

We all have our favorite method of making applique stems. My personal favorite is using bias bars. But what if I’m traveling with no sewing machine, no bias bars, rulers, rotary cutters or mat. What to do? Maybe you prefer Clover(R) Bias Tape Makers, but don’t have the right size, or forgot where you put them?

Find the best way to arrange stems onto your block. Achieve graceful curves or dimensional stems. Use modern tools and sewing machines, or sew by hand with minimal tools. Discover the value of a hera marker. Be inspired by methods found on antique and vintage applique quilts. Weave an applique basket. Try backbasting applique. Learn about Neverending Stems and Stained Glass Applique. Add new skills to your applique repertoire and have some fun.

PLUS – You will also receive “Which Method for Your Project?” rating each method as Good for Curves? Easy to Turn Stem Ends? Narrowest/Widest? Easy for Beginners? (These questions are explored in my Applique Stems and Vines workshop.)

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Keep Stitching!
Barbara M. Burnham
Author of Baltimore Garden Quilt

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